Front Desk System

  • Designed for any hotel property size
  • PC based system
  • Windows® 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 compatible
  • User friendly: easy to learn, easy to use
  • Direct interface with any PMS or POS system
  • Allows Multi-Front-Desk configuration:
    links as many check-in terminals as needed without requiring additional PC’s
  • Exclusive OmniMaster Masterkeying System:
    up to 5,000 master cards identified by user name
  • Provides staff shift time tables
  • Capability to control full range of Onity options:
    room safes, energy saving devices, on-line and
    off-line card readers, card identifiers
  • Works with the full variety of Onity stand-alone locks
  • Compatible with Onity Safes and Onity Energy Management Systems

Whether you have a dozen rooms or 6,000, the Onity HT24w Electronic Locking System can take you where you need to be. The Onity HT24w is brilliantly designed, yet ingeniously simple to use. Your staff can perform at optimum efficiency, and your guests will appreciate your making their personal comfort and security a top priority.

The Onity HT24w system offers the features you need, with the added advantage of Onity world-renowned reputation for customer support. The Onity HT24w system operates with the Onity magnetic stripe electronic lock. Onity ’s technical department is open for you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to ensure you’ll get the support you need, when you need it.

All Onity products are backed by Onity ’s warranty and our commitment to provide the highest standards of service for our customers.


Onity Magnetic Stripe Electronic Lock Features

  • Non-volatile memory records the last 500 lock openings—including date, time and card used.
  • Low battery indicator lights alert hotel staff without disturbing guest.
  • Programmable for the “office-mode” function (free passage).
  • Corrosion resistant case for normal atmospheric conditions.
  • Anti-tamper trims activated with a motorized clutch.
  • Lock ensures accuracy by reading the card twice; once during insertion and once during removal.
  • Each new guest card overrides any previous guest card, preventing re-entry.