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For decades we have been the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic locks for hospitality, as well as other sectors such as education, corporate, government and marine. Through the years, as technologies have become intertwined, we have expanded our services and solutions and have blossomed into much more than just a lock maker.

Today, we are a leading provider of a host of facility management technologies – from electronic locks, to in-room safes, minibars, energy management and wearable systems. Today, we are recognized worldwide for our powerful combination of innovative thinking and intelligent systems.

Global Service Network

Since 1984, Onity has set the standard for electronic door locking with over 5 million e-locks installed in more than 30,000 hotels around the globe. At Onity, we are on building lasting client relationships and providing the solutions they need. Over 250 hotel chains around the world already rely on Onity for their electronic hotel solutions.

Headquartered in Salem, Oregon (USA), Onity has R&D and assembly operations in Spain, Mexico, China, and the U.S., as well as an extensive sales and service network that spans more than 115 countries around the globe. Whenever or wherever you need us, we are there to ensure that your systems perform beautifully.

Quality Products

With millions of systems installed worldwide, we are known around the globe for reliable products backed by superior support. Our products meet International standards, and are designed and built to uncompromising quality approval. From research and development to after-the-sale support, we cover all the stages to guarantee the nest quality in all our products and services.

Electronic Locking Solutions

Onity electronic locking solutions you can trust.
Onity combines innovative technology and dependable service with over twenty years of experience to provide the most advanced electronic locking solutions in the industry today.
With game-changing products and superior technology, Onity continues to finds solutions to meet the needs of our customers
Onity offers real solutions and reliable support for the Hospitality, Vacation Rental, Corporate, Education, Government and Marine markets. Whatever your requirements, Onity has an electronic locking solution to fit your needs.

Designed for Convenience

Onity electronic locks are brilliantly designed, yet ingeniouslysimple to use. Created to accommodate small-to-large-sizedproperties, Onity locks provide hotel guests with smooth and efficient check-in, which enables your property to achieve new heights of convenience and operational efficiency.

Lock Design Concepts

The Basics of Electronic Locking Systems

An electronic lock grants access to authorized keycards at defined times/dates and records the opening activity. This results in reduced liability, enhanced hotel security and more efficient staff management.

Onity systems consist of:
¨ Locks
¨ Cards (non proprietary)
¨ Encoder (keycard issuing station for the frontdesk)
¨ System software (optional)
¨ Handheld lock programmer/interrogator (for maintenance staff)

Onity off-line locks are easy to install/replace and battery operated (no expensive wiring is required). The hotel generates its own re‑usable keycards, eliminating locksmith issues; in fact, the Onity system also features automatic re-keying: new guest check-in voids the former guest keycard, which is like “having a new lock” for each new guest! Onity masterkeying software provides management flexibility, you define who is authorized, where and when. Staff keycards, which are electronically identified by employee name, can be limited to specific shifts or days. Onity electronic locking systems also enhance hotel security, if a master-keycard is lost it can be cancelled electronically through the Onity software. Moreover our technology features multiple levels of encryption to maximize security and peace of mind for both you and your guests, to ensure a sound night’s sleep for all.

Keycard Technologies


  • Performs all functions you expect from an electronic locking system

  • Re-encodable

  • Very cost efficient

  • Onity magstripe cards feature a dent to aid blind or visually impaired people

  • Non proprietary


  • One step above, higher security

  • Lock’s “read & write” feature allows for 2-way communication and “virtual on‑line” system performance (HT28 Smart & revalidator)

  • Non proprietary

Contactless RFID

  • No need to insert the card in the lock, intuitive and user friendly

  • High-tech touch for the property

  • Multiple key formats: keycard, sticker, bracelet… Ideal for spas and beach resorts

  • Non proprietary