OnS OnLine Solution

Onity was the first lock manufacturer to introduce an electronic locking system based on magstripe technology; in that same innovative spirit, Onity has taken a step beyond in RFID technology developing a new wireless on-line solution: the new OnS platform, combined with OWL (Onity Wireless Lock), enables to control the property’s security, manage access and obtain real-time information from the locks, without walking to a single door. Hotels no longer have to make a choice between an on-line or off-line system, the advanced OnS solution enables to combine off-line and on-line locks with on-line devices, in the same installation.

By introducing OnS, Onity continues with the commitment to maintain the highest standards in quality and security, through intelligent and innovative solutions designed specifically for the hospitality market.

  • Wireless on-line solution which avoids expensive wiring

  • On-line and off-line elements combined in the same system

  • RFID MiFare® Classic 13.56 MHz technology

  • PoE, AC or WiFi connectivity for the WAP (Wireless Access Point)

  • The information is kept in the lock, therefore it can continue operating even if the power or network connectivity are lost

  • Automatic and/or personalised reports

Key Advantages

System Overview

Maximized security and convenient management:

OnS is a wireless on-line access control solution whichreports events in real time and it offers the capability to manage locking plans, without having to wire or reprogram the locks. Onity’s OnS advanced system increases the security level of the hotel and it improves efficiency drastically; authorizations can be managed in real time and should the power or network connection fail, it continues to perform as the lock also holds the access information.

The OnS system has been designed with future technologies in mind to continue offering the highest performance as technologies evolve.